MS Alumni Survey

Please use the scale of 1 (Poor) through 5 (Excellent) to rate each of the following questions regarding the preparation MS program provided for your job/work.   

1 - Poor
5 - Excellent
To initiate collaborative efforts for the improvement of care to individuals and communities though improved practices of health care delivery?
To advocate for inter professional approaches to the design and delivery of comprehensive, culturally competent care to individuals/families, communities, and populations
To participate in the design, implementation, and evaluation of health care systems to foster safety and excellence in health care delivery?
To engage in ethically sound, culturally sensitive, and evidenced-based practice.
To commit to lifelong learning for self and promote lifelong learning to consumers
To practice advanced nursing roles in collaborative relationships across disciplines and in partnership with communities (i.e. nursing education, nursing administration, nursing informatics, and advanced clinical practice)?
How well did your practicum prepare you for practice?
Overall, how would you rate your experience at the School of Nursing?