UMB Blackboard is equipped with a Communities section in addition to the academic Courses section. The Communities section purpose is for organization/group sites. These sites can be used for collaboration, communication, and online organization of materials. 
Who can create a Blackboard Community Orginization?
All official UMB SON organizations, committees, or working groups have the ability to request one community organization site be created in Blackboard.
A Faculty or staff member of School of Nursing will send a request via the online form. A notification will be sent to the Instructional Technology Office of the request. The Community Shell will be created, the submitter enrolled, and notification will be sent to the submitter that the request has been completed.  
Note: All future enrollments of members into the organization, orientation for members to the program and its operations, loading of content, and management of the site is the responsibility of the group/organization designated leader(s).